Adoptable Dachshund Sonny- Adopted

Adoptable dachshund Sonny

Adoptable dachshund Sonny has found his new home! He is a handsome piebald boy that doesn’t look or act his age.  He has a laid-back personality and a sweet disposition. Sonny enjoys the company of other dogs as well as people.  

He has had a canine companion all his life so he will need to be adopted to a home with at least one other dog.  He is friendly when he meets new people and dogs.  He likes to walk on a leash and does not bark inappropriately or excessively.  He is housetrained and enjoys laying on the couch with you.

Adoptable dachshund Sonny

Adoptable Dachshund Sonny- adopted

His previous owner reports that he did have an issue with his back years ago that was treated with rest and medication and he made a full recovery.  Upon examination by our vet, no notable back concerns were found.  

He is not food aggressive, but he will help himself to any bowl with food left in it once he has eaten all his food.  Although we have not witnessed it, we believe he would “defend” his food if another dog tried to share with him.  For these reasons, we recommend he be fed separately from other dogs.

Adoptable dachshund Sonny

Sonny has been recently neutered and has received a dental in which he lost several teeth.  He is fully vetted and ready to go to his forever home.