Adoptable Dachshund Mix Velvet – Adopted

Adoptable Dachshund Mix Velvet

Adoptable dachshund mix Velvet is now pending adoption. 

She gets along great with other dogs but also enjoys her human friends! She’s an all around good girl who enjoys going for walks and spending time outside. Velvet walks well on a leash solo as well as with other dogs. She does not pull and waits patiently. 

Although she’s a 2 year old who hadn’t previously had much potty training, she’s on a schedule and does a great job pottying when she needs to and in appropriate places (outside). 

Adoptable Dachshund Mix Velvet


Velvet is crate trained and easily goes in and out of her crate. She sleeps there at night and is there in the day when her foster mom is out. This sweet girl does not have accidents, and does not bark or cry.

Accustomed to using a dog bed, she also naps well right next to her foster on the sofa and certainly does like to get in the cuddles! As a good girl, Velvet isn’t toy or food aggressive. She openly shares with her foster brother and sister. 

This dachshund mix enjoys car rides, she’s very calm in the car and falls asleep quickly. She occasionally pops her head up to see where we are going, but she does not move around or make noise in the car.

She’s very friendly meeting others and does not jump up. Velvet is a loving girl who likes to give lots of kisses! Whether meeting new dogs or people, she’s on her best behavior. She approaches other dogs calmly and slowly and sniffs others appropriately. She does a good job to back off if she senses the other dog is uneasy.

Adoptable Dachshund Mix Velvet

Velvet isn’t shy or timid. Although a little shy at first, she has really come out of her shell. She is a sweetheart and snuggler! Velvet will pop her head up when she doesn’t recognize a noise (dishwasher running, washing machine, etc.) and just take a curious look around.

At first Velvet was a little uneasy with unfamiliar noises. However, she is more comfortable and not frightened by loud noises. She has a soft “half-bark” when she sees the neighbors or hears a car door shut. Velvet has settled into a great routine and does not exhibit any anxiety. She doesn’t scratch, cry, chew, or shake, and is showing no signs of separation anxiety.

Velvet is a sweet, gentle, loving little girl! She is playful and friendly and has yet to meet a stranger! She will cuddle next to you as you watch a movie or work from home. Velvet likes to keep an eye on you and will follow you around, but it’s only because she loves you.

Adoptable Dachshund Mix Velvet

She loves easily and deeply and shows it through her eyes and with lots of kisses. She is great in her crate and doesn’t cry, scratch or whine. Velvet likes to build trust before she fully commits to you, but she does this very quickly.

This sweet girl gets along with her foster brother and sister and will be a great companion for anyone looking for more love in the family!


She’s an adorable 2 year old dachshund mix weighing 15 pounds.

If you live in Florida, and believe you can provide Velvet with a wonderful home, please fill out an application. You’ll know you did it right, when you land on the “We Received Your Application” page. If you miss required information, it will NOT go through and the items missed will be highlighted in red.

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