Adoptable Dachshund Mix Gina – PENDING

Adoptable Dachshund Mix Gina came to us when she was found as a stray. She is approximately 7 months old and super cute!  She is full of spice, so her foster family has nicknamed her Pepper.

Adoptable Dachshund Gina

Although she is a sweet young pup she will require a patient human who will continue to work with her on house breaking and manners. Currently, she is working hard to learn these skills with her foster family, and at times, seems to make progress. Then, she will backtrack. We’re not entirely sure where her issues stem from, but she isn’t very consistent – yet.

Gina needs improved social skills. Keep in mind, she was a stray for the first 6 to 7-ish months of her life. We are uncertain what she had to deal with. Not only did she not get proper training, but she had to be alert to stay alive. This certainly has led to some of the behavior we see now. It will take extra time for her to learn to really trust that she is fully safe. Those survival instincts served a great purpose, but now will cause her progress to move slowly.

Gina is crate trained for night use, but she still potties overnight. The vet thinks she might have been spayed too early and HOPES she will grow out of this trend. He isn’t entirely sure she’s been spayed at all, but we won’t do exploratory surgery to find out. It will take time to see if she needs to be spayed.

She knows basic commands like sit and down and loves getting treats as well as verbal praise. She is enjoying her foster family, but should not be trusted with small children. We are looking for a home without young children for her at this time.

She is a growler and sometimes sounds mean, but actually is a sweet girl – once she gets to know you. It will take time and patience to teach her that she is safe. Someone who is willing to spend time and money training her will be the best option for Gina.

Adoptable Dachshund Gina With Others

Once she meets other dogs and gets used to them she does well, but again this takes time. Until she is settled in your home she will need to be supervised with other dogs.

Adoptable Dachshund Gina

She would do better in a home without children (or with young teens only) as she is still learning to play respectfully. This little girl seems to have had a rough start but the right family can change that for her!

Her life started out as lemons but we together can help her make her life lemonade! She is so sweet and gives the best kisses. Once she trusts you, she is full of love and cuddles! We hold high hopes that this pretty girl will continue coming around to a more civilized lifestyle. She will make the right person a wonderful companion.

Adoptable Dachshund Gina

If you live in Florida and believe you have the patience to train a puppy, and one who isn’t yet completely secure – please fill out an application for Gina. It takes time for us to check references and review applications. A volunteer will contact you as quickly as possible. Please be patient, it takes time.

7 months old (approx) – 12 lbs. – Female – Dachshund Mix – Fee is $300

Gina is very popular because she is so young. Please be patient with us as our volunteers check references and process multiple applications. The foster family knows the dog well and will be choosing the best possible fit for her. It most definitely will take a special person for this special dog. Thank you!