Adoptable Dachshund Boots

Adoptable Dachshund Boots belonged to a very loving owner for all 11 of her years. She’s an affable senior dog with an independent nature and a terrific temperament. 
Boots is a little 12 pound dachshund with a loving heart and big attitude! 

Adoptable Dachshund Boots

Boots had back surgery at age 4 and the result is that she can walk with a very exaggerated gait when she wants to but she also scoots frequently to get around.  She can also RUN when she wants to, so it has not slowed her down!

Boots has control of her urine and bowels and is house trained in that, during the day she will ask to go outside.  However, when she first wakes up and just prior to bed at night, she does need to have her bladder expressed onto a pee pad. When it is completely full she cannot hold it more than a few steps before needing to go.  It is a simple process that only takes a moment of time.

Again, in the daytime hours, she has no problem getting to the door and going outside.  Boots is house broken, just needs a little extra help. Because of her wobbly gait, she doesn’t walk well on a leash and shouldn’t go for long walks. A few times out  in the yard is best for her each day instead.

More About Boots

We wouldn’t recommend her for families with children under the age of 5 but would do fine with older children around.  She is known to do well with cats, and she is friendly when meeting new dogs.

Boots sleeps in her own dog bed at night and is not crate trained. She is not shy or timid and shows no signs of anxiety. This little sweetie is not food or toy aggressive.

Boots is a very happy, healthy girl. Although she’s not much of a lap dog, as she has an independent nature. She is an easy going, low-maintenance companion – despite her special needs issues with the morning bladder and wobbly gait. She is very good company! 

If you live in Florida and believe you can provide Boots with a safe and loving home, please fill out an application with her name on it. There’s no fee for the application, and if chosen, the adoption fee is $150.

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