Adoptable Dachshund Bo – Adopted

Adoptable Dachshund Bo

Adoptable Dachshund Bo has been adopted! He is an 8 year old who came to us as one of  two dogs that were living in a shed for three years.

His trip to the vet gave us quite a peek into his past. First we were concerned with the very hard lump at the base of his rib cage. X-rays revealed that it was actually part of his sternum and part of a rib that had healed that way due to a trauma (being kicked was mentioned but it’s hard to even want to think about it). It’s not causing him any pain now but it sure did at one time!

Adoptable Dachshund Bo

I always hate hearing this one too…his teeth are all worn down to nubs (probably from trying to eat rocks)!  He ended up having 11 teeth removed and is now doing much better.


Also, Bo must have been some kind of warrior! His ears (or rather what is left of them) tell us that he has been in some terrible fights! Poor boy has hung in there through all of it and now he can live his best life for the rest of his days.

Adoptable Dachshund Bo

Despite the life he has lead Bo is one of the most friendly, laid-back dogs you could possibly ever meet. He is just looking for a home full of love where he can live the rest of his life out in comfort.

If you are interested in giving Bo the wonderful life he deserves please complete an application.