Adopt Samson Dachshund Mix – Pending

Adopt Samson Dachshund Mix

Adopt Samson dachshund mix. He is 5 years young, smooth, and red. Samson weighs 17 lbs. and comes to us through no fault of his own.

He had a younger sister but unfortunately, he grew extremely protective over her and would not let other dogs or people near her. In the process of being protective, he became anxious and fearful. 

Adopt Samson

In the best interest of both dogs, they are being adopted separately. Samson is doing much better. He is becoming playful and not fearful. He still needs patience and continued training so he can live up to his potential.

In one weeks time, he began to trust his foster family. He has struggled with sudden loud noises. He will bark and act aggressive on walks, when meeting new dogs. But, this guy is all sweetness inside.

Adopt Samson Dachshund Mix

He needs a person that can reassure him that he is not the boss and he does not have to be on edge all the time. The more confident he grows in his surroundings, the calmer he becomes.

Samson sleeps in bed with foster family and LOVES to burrow. He is also food motivated and enjoys walks. He does not appear to know how to use a doggy door or ramp but he can be taught with patience, and treats.

Adopt Samson

Samson does isn’t fond of cats and has not been child tested. We don’t believe he’s a good fit for young children. He does well with men and women but, we believe best with one person. He is initially threatened by any dog bigger than him, but after a week he began sleeping next to his foster siblings who are large dogs! 

The ideal home would be a home with a single person and no other dogs – definitely, no cats. A fenced yard or ability to provide him good exercise is a must, as he is active and young.

An experienced dog owner who can show Samson that he is not the pack leader would help him feel more settled. He needs love, safety and discipline. Are you the one?

If you think you can provide Samson with a forever loving home please begin by filling out an application. Even if this dog isn’t the right match, we will continue to work with you to find a Low Rider Rescue that is.

*It is extremely important that Samson have a fenced yard so he can run and play safely.

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