Adopt Max Dachshund Mix – Adopted

Adopt Max Dachshund Mix

Adopt Max dachshund mix – Max has been adopted! He’s a sweetheart who is described by his foster mom as “like a standard dachshund but with longer legs”.

He is only 18 months old, weighs 20 pounds and was one of the 3 brothers that were in dire need of socialization when they came to us a short time ago. He has come a LONG way—he’s a snuggle buddy now! He loves sleeping right up next to his foster mom.


For the first year and a half of his life, Max lived outside without any training or socialization. Although he was accustomed to having a couple of other dogs around, he had very little human contact or interaction.

With such a history, you might think he would be a wild dog. And honestly, we were dealing with partly feral dogs in the beginning of this rescue story. Now, the tides have turned! Max has responded so well to love and attention. He was hungry for it!

Adopt Max Dachshund Mix

Max is in good health. Although he is not a purebred dachshund, he looks just like a long legged doxie. He’s a pretty boy, and a good boy too.

Max plays well with others. He enjoys other dogs, but is still a little timid at first with people. He warms up faster to women than men.

Max seems to have some respect for cats. There may have been other animals running around outside where he lived. He’s a smart dog because even without training, he has taken to walking on a leash like a boss! Max has even become house trained in a short amount of time.

Adopt Max Dachshund Mix

Adopt Max Dachshund Mix

If this lovable dachshund mix seems like he could be your new pal, please begin by filling out an application. If it does not work out with Max, we can continue working with you to find the right canine companion!